How To Talk About Cryptocurrency (Without Making Them Go Cross-Eyed)

How To Talk About Cryptocurrency (Without Making Them Go Cross-Eyed)

Because cryptocurrency is such a technical subject, it can often be difficult to communicate about it to friends, family, or even interested strangers that strike up a conversation. Though crypto is part of the future, that doesn’t mean that people will understand it right away.

So, what’s to be done? What’s the best way to talk about crypto in an easy entry-level way? If a person is interested, they might eventually want to know the more complex aspects—but you’ve got to start somewhere.

But that somewhere is NOT to try to make them read or watch something—not right away. If they were going to do that, they would have already. If a person is asking you, they want YOU to explain it, because they feel like you can help them, because they trust you. So, as tempting as it might be, don’t reach for your smartphone, instead: start with explaining what Bitcoin is in very simple terms.

This is because they will have at least heard of Bitcoin. It was on the news, it’s on social media, and it even showed up in an episode of The Big Bang Theory a while back. They will have picked something up about it. You must start with a premise they already know—or they will be instantly lost.

Explain that Bitcoin is a digital currency; that it’s secure. That it is anonymous. This might cause a negative reaction, so the next part is to, without sounding condescending, deal with all the negative press that they might have heard. Some people call Bitcoin a scam, or a fad, or like gambling, or only used by criminals, or whatever other misinformation they have on it. Calmness, politeness, is paramount here. Without using any big words, or technical terms, communicate what it really is. Knock away all the things they think they know that would make Bitcoin a bad thing—then you can tell them the benefits.

Now, if you can’t explain something during the conversation, that’s fine, then you can bring up a video—then you can get an article. But don’t just shove it on them: watch it with them. Read it alongside them, or even aloud. Even if you feel like it’s all very simple, obvious, or intrinsically interesting enough to keep them watching if you walk away, don’t. They won’t finish the video; they will lose interest. Again, if they were going to watch it on their own, they would have.

And that’s all you do at first. And you don’t talk about it too long. Being passionate is great, but people get overloaded with information. Don’t do that. Let them eventually come to you, let them show their own interest. If you’re worried they won’t, don’t be. As Bitcoin and crypto get bigger and bigger, the world and culture will slowly acclimate them—and they have a trusted friend to come to when they want to know more.

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