How Understanding Crypto Makes You Smarter

How Understanding Crypto Makes You Smarter

While I must encourage one not to get a swelled head from this, and to use this as a reason to spread knowledge and not hoard it, if you do indeed understand crypto, then you are a smart person. Flatly. Inarguably.

Though it may seem obvious to you how crypto works, how it all functions and the technical side of it, most people simply don’t. They don’t know the blockchain, or the recent applications of the technology, or anything like that. They just don’t.

So be proud that you do.

To fully understand crypto, you have to have a working knowledge of programming, encryption, computer science, economics, and a whole lot of other disciplines. You need to understand the current financial systems used by governments to even understand why crypto is a good replacement.

This is not to say that everyone who understands crypto knows every facet of these things, but to get past even the vaguest sense of the concept, you need some mental background in quite a few topics.

With the changing world of technology, knowledge is increasingly important.

But that’s not to say rest on your laurels. If you do understand crypto, know you can always understand more. Know there’s always something new to learn, and encourage those around to keep expanding their knowledge, to keep studying.

You’re on a good website for it already, you’ve taken steps towards further improvement by being here, so keep on going—it’s the future of the world, after all.

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