A New Security Trick

A New Security Trick

While cybersecurity is one thing, and an important thing, it’s not all security. All the digital walls in the world have one failure: if a criminal just physically picks up the laptop and runs. Though one shouldn’t be paranoid, exactly, it’s nice to have an option to prevent people from stealing from you in a very public place. If you’re dealing with hundreds in crypto, then your computer is a hot commodity for a criminal.

So, what’s a solution? Well, there’s BusKill. It’s both simple, effective, and just a clever use of technology. The device is simple: it’s a connecting cord that goes to your laptop, that, if pulled away, will instantly shut down the computer. It can even do a full wipe upon a connection break if desired.

With lives and currency becoming more and more digital, security is going to become a bigger and bigger concern. The blockchain helps prevent fraud in the digital world, by stopping double spend, but this will ensure that someone doesn’t single spend with your account.

It’s not always pleasant to think about, but hacking and data breaches happen all the time, and as we move toward crypto’s wider and wider adoption, things like BusKill—and other security and privacy features—will keep new and existing users and investors safer from malicious acts.

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