Does YouTube Dislike Crypto?

Does YouTube Dislike Crypto?

YouTube is the largest video streaming site there is—which means that a lot of users are at the whims of its systems and choices. And, sadly, this has turned out to be potentially an issue for content creators dealing with crypto. YouTube can ban any videos it wants, and, as a lot of channels are now noticing, they seem to have an eye on crypto. Several channels had multiple videos blocked.

Now, when asked, YouTube has stated that the videos were taken down by accident. Which may be entirely true. There’s a possibility of the automatic systems simply misunderstanding the content it was flagging, or, potentially, a separate actor(s) has been using the flagging system maliciously to attack channels, but it’s notable that despite saying it would be quickly put back up some videos remain not shown.

Furthermore, this highlighted another issue: the terms of service YouTube has implemented. The exact wording might be used to target channels that don’t make enough money or are deemed unhelpful to the whims of the company’s advertisers. And, if this means YouTube is starting to be unwilling to host crypto content, it might be good for certain creators to move to other, safer places.

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