Top 10 Emerging Cryptocurrencies

Top 10 Emerging Cryptocurrencies

With many of the cryptocurrency news outlets covering the impending Bitcoin forks and market speculations, there are plenty of altcoin releases that are being overshadowed. From a token that is backed by real estate to one that focuses on developing virtual reality software for scientific research and development, here are the top 10 emerging cryptocurrencies.

1. Bitcoin Gold
Bitcoin Gold is another byproduct of a Bitcoin fork that should be released in November. Unlike Bitcoin, Bitcoin Gold is going to be ASIC-resistant and miners who want to earn some of their own without having to go out and purchase expensive rigs will finally be able to. Bitcoin Gold will be tested on October 25th and those who are holding Bitcoin at that time will have an equal amount of Bitcoin Gold on that date.

2. MNTP Tokens
MNTP Tokens, which will be issued to users by a company known as GoldMint, are tokens that are going to be backed by physical gold. Rather than having to deal with the volatility of normal cryptocurrencies, interested investors can transfer some of their altcoin investments into MNTP in order to keep their savings stable, since coins will match the current price of gold. Unfortunately, investors from the United States will not be able to participate in this ICO because it is currently illegal.

3. G Coin
G Coin is one of the many gaming cryptocurrencies that are being released as a result of the ever-expanding gaming industry. However, this coin is only going to be offered on a platform that releases mobile and HTML5 games. Users of G Coin will be able to trade this cryptocurrency with others on a special platform designed for G Coin users and will be able to invest in their favorite games as well.

4. Dentacoin
Dentacoin, according to its website, is “the first Blockchain concept designed for the Global Dental Industry.” Besides Dentacoin, the developers are also creating several different applications that will better help the global healthcare system. Patient records will be decentralized and stored on blockchain technology, a decentralized trading platform will be developed to help dentists and patients purchase dental tools, and a mobile app will be launched that will help dentists better care for patients even after they leave the office. The website warns investors not to invest using the ICO-address listed in their Telegram as it has been compromised.

5. Jibriel Network Tokens
Jibriel Network Tokens are unique from most cryptocurrencies because they are used to purchase CryptoDepository Receipts. In simple terms, these tokens can be used to purchase contracts that represent various of amounts of specific, real world currencies. This can be achieved by using the Jibriel Decentral Bank where JNT can be exchanged for CryDRs. The six currencies that will be available when Jibriel first launches include the US Dollar, the Chinese Yuan, the Euro, the British Pound, the Russian Ruble, and the Arab Emirates Dirham.

6. Matryx
Matryx is a cryptocurrency that has been designed to encourage others to operate in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Using a blockchain-based software, those who contribute valuable pieces of technology and other such scientific projects will be rewarded in Matryx. Along with the cryptocurrency, the Matryx team also develops virtual reality interfaces to promote research and development in science.

7. Atlant
For investors who are looking to get into real estate, the cryptocurrency Atlant may be a good way to start. These coins can be used for investing, for payment between renters and owners, and for lower fees in the event that someone should chose to rent or purchase a property. Unlike many of the other
cryptocurrencies out there, those who own Atlant tokens will receive money based on the amount of property they own. Much like MNTP Tokens, Atlant will not be legal for purchase or holding in the United States.

A new cryptocurrency exchange called COBINHOOD will be releasing their own coins called COBs. This new exchange will accept major fiat and will charge no trading fees to traders who are spot trading or margin trading. They also promise extremely secure crypto storage, a high-performance order matching
machine, and the promotion of only promising ICO’s. COBs will be available for trading on this platform.

9. Spheris
While many of the major app and software developers are advertising and selling their products with companies such as Apple, Spheris is creating a decentralized application marketplace where buyers will be able to purchase software using SPRS Tokens. A beta version of the marketplace is currently posted
on their website and investors can take part in their crowdsale for the next 5 days.

10. BitAir Token
BitAir and BitAir Tokens have been designed to address the high fees and payment issues that travelers frequently deal with. It has already been recognized as an effective payment method by the Asia Pacific Travel PTY Group and research has been conducted by the company that has shown great interest in the
cryptocurrency by travelers. The BitAir application is currently available for mobile download and the BitAir Token sale will be running for another month.

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