Ready To Buy A Coffee With Crypto?

Ready To Buy A Coffee With Crypto?

We live in a world where you can already use your phone as a card when you go to your local coffee shop. The technology is there—even if it’s not perhaps seeing the level of adoption it should as soon as it should. It’s a bold new world, where money is already mostly digital. This is a reason why crypto is such a natural jumping off point.

But, making the jump can be hard for some—so it’s good that the gap will become more comfortable. The ZEUX app, though currently requiring a bit of a “middle-man” in the form of currency conversion, will allow any system that can take Apple Pay or Samsung to accept cryptocurrency instead.

The accepted idea that you can go up to a vendor, even in a commonplace setting, and use crypto to purchase goods or services would be quite possibly one of the most obvious indications of widespread adoption, so this is potentially the windup to something revolutionary. Depending on the ease of use and seamless integration into what people already do with their apps, traditional currency and crypto could have intermingling without either party having difficulty.

Crypto was born of technology, and with technological use rising across the board, we should be seeing digital currency come right along with it.

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