No More Lightning Bug

No More Lightning Bug

The Lightning Network had a bug—and it could’ve caused quite a few further problems. Though the Lightning Network is a system that allows for fast and cheap transactions, it had an open issue for a few months and it’s unknown how many were affected. Under certain circumstances, it allowed unscrupulous users to instigate transactions, not fulfill them, and the system would treat it as legitimate and the honest users on the other side of it would be out of luck.

Which, of course, is one of the things that crypto usually prevents better than other currencies. Thankfully, the bug’s already fixed. The Lightning Bug, as I’m calling it, was squashed. A benefit of crypto, besides the above, is the ability to fix things with it, as it’s still emerging. You can optimize the systems to make it better and better.

While commercial software might have been gutted by something like this, Crypto stands strong, in its adaptability, privacy, and updatable use for a modern world. Though problems like this might arise again, this already proves that crypto can morph to what the consumer needs most—and it’s already on its way there.

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