Investing Has Never Been Easier

Investing Has Never Been Easier

Cash App, the application used by many to transfer funds easily between friends has within its programming the ability to quickly convert your currency into Bitcoins. And, while it may be slightly older news, this is a big deal. Perhaps the biggest barrier to entry with any digital service is how much the layperson needs to understand to just get into the game—and cryptocurrency, considering its very existence is only possible because of intense math and calculations, is not the easiest subject to understand. The terminology and sheer width of information happening in the sector can be daunting even to the intensely interested.

But this, this is perfect. Cash App is already something that people know how to use and are set up to use. I have the potential to, as I write this, pick up my phone and simply invest. A single dollar from a thousand people is a thousand dollars, after all. People already used to crypto and people who are still only aware of it through some general cultural awareness are both equally empowered to make investments this way.

So, as goofy as it may sound, seeing this on such a normal app is a large step in the right direction.

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