The New Blockchain Toolkit

The New Blockchain Toolkit

The prevalence of apps in modern-day society is not to be understated; they tend to permeate every facet of day-to-day life. Blockchain is a natural fit for these applications and can help improve security for a lot of disparate enterprises. But perhaps the small number of apps that are using blockchain currently is due to the difficulty intrinsic to creating a working blockchain.

Well, that’s potentially not as much of an issue anymore. Released by Tata Consultancy Services, their Quartz DevKit makes it much easier to set up blockchain-based systems or add blockchain to existing structures with minimal coding and hassle. 

And this is the kind of thing that is exciting to see in the software space. Easier application of the technology, a less intense technical knowledge requirement, lowers the barrier to create. The potential for the frankly amazing technology that is blockchain is staggering. Sure, like any toolkit, there will no doubt be some shoddy slapped together creations—but, also like any toolkit, we could very quickly see some fascinating and varied uses of blockchain in app development. 

This may even promote the creation of other toolkits, more specialized or robust, and bring us another step closer to ubiquitous consumer-facing cryptocurrency and blockchain-based systems. 

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