The Most Wholesome Crypto News

The Most Wholesome Crypto News

Cryptocurrency has been helpful in a myriad of places, but recently, it has been used in a way that is beyond kind. The American Cancer Association, a group dedicated to helping fight one of the most horrible diseases that still afflict humanity, has recently been letting people donate to them through BitPay.

This has had the knock-on effect of expanding the reach of potential donors, letting younger more crypto-minded individuals also give to a good cause. Charities must do what they can to get the donations they need to help lives.

Though this doesn’t mean the organization is necessarily directly accepting cryptos: the app allows conversion to the local currency needed for the charity to operate. This is, for now, the best option for them to get as much money as possible.

In a world where news is often not pleasant, a genuinely human moment of kindness should always be appreciated. Though there’s plenty of exciting things happening in the general application of blockchain and cryptocurrency in terms of emerging technologies, it’s nice to see that the human side of it is still around and kicking. Cryptocurrency is currency, and like any form of it, it can be used to help people, to save people, and to make lives better—so long as there’s someone kind using it.

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