Norwegian Air Will Take To Crypto

Norwegian Air Will Take To Crypto

In another win for utilization and integration, Norwegian Air will be accepting cryptocurrency as payment for flights soon. Expected by spring, the air travel company will be working with the platform NBX or the Norwegian Block Exchange to allow customers the option. It’s not clear yet which currencies will be supported by this, though the founder of Norwegian Airlines has been shown to be an avid fan of Bitcoin, having possibly bought up to over 400k worth of the currency in 2017. 

And this is especially important because Norwegian Air is a larger airline, flying people to several different countries and having many passengers. In 2017, over 37 million were moved around by the airline. Though perhaps this won’t be a big enough push to cause it, it may prove popular enough among customers to convince other airlines to offer the option. Which is a precedent anyone interested in the spread of cryptocurrency—and its perceived legitimacy among the consumer world—would find appealing.

The CEO of NBX is ready to go on his end, and, hopefully, the launch of the program will go smoothly. And, rest assured, no matter what happens, you can expect a lot more stories like this in the coming future.

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