5 Types of People That Use Crypto

5 Types of People That Use Crypto

Amongst any group, there are subdivisions. There are different people with different goals, and they can be somewhat categorized broadly. And, though there’s no point in limiting oneself to only one of these, there’s a benefit to knowing why you might be involved in crypto and why others might be as well.

So, with that interest, let’s go over a few of the possibilities.

The Investors:

Much like how some people buy gold for its holding of value, some people treat cryptocurrency as a savings method or a long-term plan. They hold on to the currency, hoping its monetary worth will rise high.

The Stockbrokers:

Like the above, but short-term and with income in mind. They treat cryptos, both venerated and emerging, as something they can buy low and sell high.

The Workhorses:

Miners and creators of software and hardware designed specifically to work with cryptos, they are the backbone of decentralization and benefit—as intended—from the golden nuggets they get out of mining.

The Shoppers:

A hopefully growing type, these are simply people that use cryptocurrency as a currency. They buy things with it and use it at the available commerce points. It’s just another money for them.

The Entertainers:

Those who help spread the message of crypto. These are the people who do stuff like report on it as news, make YouTube videos, and help explain how things in the crypto-sphere work.

And that’s just a short list. As the currency sees more adoption, we’re going to witness more and more ways people bring it into their lives. So, no matter what category someone falls into, it’s an exciting time for crypto.

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