A Secondary Result

A Secondary Result

In lieu of the rise of cryptocurrency, a secondary market has sprung up and seems to be another good indicator of things in the crypto world, if not, perhaps, the most positive thing for those looking to create a new website on the topic. Domain names are, by necessity, unique to each website, and enterprising people with at least some faith in crypto are buying up, holding, and then selling domain names that have a good chance on search engines and are structured in a way that’s simply easy to recall.

Any website with a bulk of its name revolving around buzzwords, like “crypto,” has power to it now, and thousands of dollars are being thrown around to buy these desirable domains. In line with this, any unclaimed domain name that has a passing connection to cryptocurrency might be snatched up at any time to hold it until it’s worth enough.

This is, of course, something that happens in other industries, as the internet is the backbone of most businesses now, but it’s certainly interesting to see how a surge in general awareness has led to a surge in other connected ventures. As crypto spreads further, it would not be surprising to see more and more sideline investments rising as well.

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