What CloudCoin Is Doing Differently

What CloudCoin Is Doing Differently

Proof of Work runs on inherent redundancy and is awful for the environment. Proof of Stake is an improvement, but open to being influenced.

What would be better is a cryptocurrency with minuscule power needs and free of those validation issues.

Welcome to CloudCoin.

CloudCoin runs on the RAIDA protocol (Redundant Array of Independent Detection Agents), a self-healing distributed authentication protocol. With it, using the currency becomes like any other transferable file. It’s also secure.

It’s so secure that it’s less vulnerable to quantum computing than Bitcoin. CloudCoin lacks a public ledger and has hard locks in place—so massive servers can’t use brute force.

CloudCoin is indicative of one of the best aspects of crypto: its inventiveness. Since its inception, it’s been a tapestry of lateral thinking and solving problems. Have there been missteps? Absolutely. But CloudCoin and other evolutions of its ilk show that crypto adapts. It changes with an ever-changing world.

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