Samsung Galaxy S10 Offers Crypto Functions

Samsung Galaxy S10 Offers Crypto Functions

The Samsung Galaxy S10 Comes Equipped With Crypto Friendly Features

If you’re still on the fence about the war of Apple versus Samsung, there is a new factor to consider. Samsung’s new Galaxy S10 is supporting crypto with built-in functions related to it. Now your phone can have a secure way to hold private keys with backing at the hardware level. Considering how much people use and rely on their smartphones for everything, this makes sense, but it’s still interesting to see the support of a major phone company come out for cryptocurrency.

While perhaps users of any smartphone don’t utilize their phones as efficiently and broadly as possible, and some may not even be aware of the feature at the beginning, for those who hear of it or stumble upon it, this will not only further legitimize blockchain technology and cryptocurrency in the minds of any hold-outs, but also make life easier on those already invested in the market.

Considering Samsung did this—and the natural competitive nature of the major phone companies—I would not at all be surprised if we soon see similar systems or features on the newest releases from Google and Apple. And, hopefully, this healthy competition will only further the spread of cryptocurrency and its general visibility and acceptance.

By Brandon Scott

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