A New Word In The Dictionary

A New Word In The Dictionary

Occasionally, something culturally happens that puts into context just how much Bitcoin has grown in the popular consciousness.

Bitcoin has shown up in movies and television and slowly leaks into the general lexicon of the average person. But nowhere does that seem to be the case more officially than with the addition of the word “Satoshi” being added to the Oxford English Dictionary. A publication that’s shown its willingness to adapt to language as it forms, the Oxford Dictionary adding such a specific and technical term, here meaning “one hundredth million of a Bitcoin” is a bigger sign of growth than perhaps is initially obvious.

Words, or their meanings at least, inform all aspects of interactions, and a word so directly and specifically to the history of Bitcoin and its origins, the word being derived from the apparent name of the creator of Bitcoin himself, being committed to one of the biggest authorities on words themselves is a great sign. It may allow the growth of the use of the term and a rise in attention in other academic circles, or just further legitimatize Bitcoin, and, by extension, all cryptocurrencies, as there are now more commonplace words with strong etymologies available for the layperson to communicate on the subject without highly technical knowledge.

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