Crypto Primer: Digibyte

Crypto Primer: Digibyte

It seems like since Bitcoin became the face of the cryptocurrency movement, the competition focused heavily on what they could do better.  However, Digibyte has been around for a while, and I think no one will accuse it of being some knock-off.

Released in 2014, Digibyte sets itself apart in two major ways. The biggest of the two, and what’s likely to get you excited, is Digibyte is fast. The transaction speed is on par with a banking app, not the monstrous wait time of a Bitcoin. And the second is both a technical and ideological appealing aspect: enforced decentralization. Digibyte’s mining process has five different algorithms to pick from—with a balancing system so that no one mining method is easier than any other. This can help prevent large corporations from cornering the market.

Now, Digibyte may be old, but it does not show its age. Digibyte’s advancements show up in other creations, other developers using their innovations, and Digibyte meanwhile focuses on scalability so it’s already ready for the future. And, hopefully, it gets that future. For such a survivability focused crypto, it does not yet have the same attention as things like Ethereum, Bitcoin, or Litecoin, and that’s a shame. Digibyte has benefits over Bitcoin, and what it needs—like any crypto—is the right level of attention and acceptance.

By Brandon Scott

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