TRON Outshines Ethereum

TRON Outshines Ethereum

While people outside of the Bitcoin and crypto sectors of the internet might not know all the terms and names for things, most will have at least heard of Ethereum. It’s a DApp (decentralized application) that’s also the birthplace of Ether—a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. But it does a lot more and has been doing a lot more than that. It’s a big DApp with a lot of users.

But it’s been overtaken. The mighty Ethereum has competition and its losing to a DApp called TRON.

TRONbet, a betting based DApp, has around 2 million transactions going through it within just a single twenty-four-hour period. We’re talking about several million dollars being moved around within its systems.

This, interestingly, also highlights a trend regarding all the popular DApps now. While decentralized systems have a myriad of practical uses, we’re seeing gambling DApps take the top of the charts—barring a few game related ones.

This is impressive for TRON, as it’s only been around for a year or so now. Recent programs launched by them are focused on innovation and development, so, if things continue to go well for them, we’re likely to hear of TRON a lot more in the future.

And, hopefully, what we hear will be new milestones for them—and cryptocurrency in general.

By Brandon Scott

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