The New Job You Could Get

The New Job You Could Get

For those not tapped into the cryptocurrency news sphere, NFTs might have seemed like they came out of nowhere. They’ve shown up as video game items, memorabilia, and art pieces—some worth a lot of money at the time of writing. But, clearly and demonstrably, NFTs will and is bursting into modern culture and holding fast.

And, with this in mind, perhaps it’s not much of a surprise that companies are looking for people to make and market these new crypto inventions.

Popular job search sites like Indeed and LinkedIn have advertised for related job positions. Companies looking for NFT-related work include familiar names like DraftKings, Coinbase, and VaynerMedia.

This follows the same path that cryptocurrencies traveled, at least from one man’s perspective. While NFTs started their lives as fairly unknown entities, once large sums of fungible currencies like the United States Dollar started funneling in, and making people wealthy, everyone paid attention. Just like how banks and other corporations saw the benefits of the blockchain, the potential of NFTs are obvious and, as this recent news proves, very appealing to businesses that want a new type of way to engage with their customers. Don’t be surprised when even bigger players start getting involved with their own take on the token.

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