The Crypto Ban Response

The Crypto Ban Response

If there’s a universal truth to the internet, it’s there’s no solid consensus on anything, but certainly reactions. So, the question becomes: how did people react to the new cryptocurrency bans that hit social media? Was there anger? Indifference? Optimism?


While it would be an inhuman task for one man to search the internet for all the opinions on this matter, various responses became public. One is confidence, of not being worried. True-blue, honest cryptos, the reasoning goes, will not have that big of a fallout with the bans, and only scammers will have major negative repercussions by the lost access to the everyman.

This is not exactly surprising; the initial growth of cryptocurrencies came from confidence in the new system. Replacing modern money is a major goal of crypto, so there’s no shortage of positive thinking, and that confidence is even present in the more negative outlooks. Not needing Facebook anymore and the social media only doing their ban out of fear of competitions is one such outlook.

Again, no real way exists—besides extensive surveys—to get a real sense of how this is affecting people on a micro level, and what it did on a macro level will only continue to come to light. However, though cryptos may have lost footing, or, rather, been shoved backward, little indication exists that this world-changing experiment is stopping anytime soon.

By Brandon Scott

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