Scammers Impersonating CoinDesk

Scammers Impersonating CoinDesk

Starting a new project online can be a daunting process, especially getting attention in a world that is saturated with distractions. However, sometimes that desire can be used against someone.

And, in a recent case, it can have some devastating consequences. Namely, the loss of a lot of money.

In short, multiple individuals have been impersonating CoinDesk members, and approaching people with offers, should they pay a fee. Usually asking for more than $100 for the service. These scammers are also very skillful at what they do and have gone so far as to spoof emails, create invoices, and fabricate a fake passport. They’ve so far managed to steal from at least two people.

CoinDesk released a response stating they will never ask someone to pay them to cover something and should you be approached by someone asking, then email fraud@coindesk.com. No matter how authentic the offer may seem, if it costs money, it’s not CoinDesk. You can also check to confirm someone’s identity by emailing news@coindesk.com.

CoinDesk is currently working to stop the issue and hopefully will have an effective solution soon. But, regardless of this being handled, online scams are a big part of the internet world, so one should always be vigilant.

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