And YouTube Has Scams, Too

And YouTube Has Scams, Too

Criticism against social media seems ever-present, and like the issues happening over at Instagram, YouTube is seeing itself plagued with hard to remove scam ads.

Now, YouTube is a massive platform with more ads and more general content than any one person or group could hope to police. Stuff sinks through the cracks all the time, and various forms of unethical videos can become widespread before being removed. Where it is possible to make money off unsuspecting victims, someone’s going to try.

So, naturally, this problem is affecting crypto.

Ads sporting the likeness of prominent figures connected to various well-known cryptocurrencies are circulating. Attempts are being made to remove them, but they can pop up fast, and it’s difficult to eliminate them quick enough.

Now, it shouldn’t be a wake-up call for anyone deeply involved in internet activities to be careful. But, being sure to vet, or otherwise being knowledgeable about how scams work, and what opens oneself up to them, should be a constant point of vigilance.

Like anything growing in success and influence, there will be more attempts to use cryptocurrency as a weapon. YouTube is massive and will be a target for this, as will all social medias. It’s up to both users and the platform itself to be aggressive to these attacks and criminal plans.

If you see scams, report them. Yes, it is on Google to handle YouTube’s ads and make their platform safe for users, but there’s nothing wrong with also helping reduce potential harm.

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