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DEIR Alert–Sudden Price Jumps

Sudden Price Jumps Why Are Bitcoin & Other Currencies Flying Up In Pricing In the last 12 hours Bitcoin jumped over 15%. Many other coins jumped as well. Buried deep in this CNBC report is one of the answers. CNBC Article https://www.cnbc.com/2018/04/12/bitcoin-surges-10-percent-in-sudden-move-to-above-7500.html Many coin buyers last year made a huge profit as Bitcoin went to $20,000 a coin. They made a huge "profit"!! It is tax day on Monday. Over the [...]

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Circle Goldman Sachs Is Your Indicator: One of my subscribers pointed out that Goldman Sachs funded "Circle" (crypto-based company) bought major exchange Poloniex. Why would the smartest investment bank with the most connections help purchase a big exchange "IF" the future of trading wasn't very bright? Answer: Because the future "IS" bright. Remember that the big financial players are deploying the time honored "shakedown" strategy--scare you enough to do what they want. Sell your coins [...]

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Jaxx What it is: This is a very unique wallet/trading app. Why it is cool: Many people have asked me what is the "fastest" way to start buying and celling Bitcoin and other similar coins. Jaxx is a wallet and trading app that can be easily signed up for without waiting weeks to get access or usage of. Literally within 5 minutes you can be purchasing cryptocurrencies and trading them within the [...]

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Vechain Symbol: VEN Website: vechain.com coinranking.com/coin/vechain-ven What is Vechain: This a Chinese coin that allows manufacturing tracking and accountability which is giant when you are talking about hundreds of billions of manufacturing sales a year from China. Why Is It Cool: The two biggest problems happening with manufacturing is tracking the production and shipping of products (including food). The other huge problem is fraud and fakes. The Vechain directly addresses those [...]

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Litecoin Litepay is the first major player launching a crypto-credit card. What is cool: The Litecoin community is already excited about the forthcoming launch of LitePay, which will make Litecoin applicable everywhere, as Visa is. It will instantly convert all payments to / from US dollars, and all deposits will result in "a simple flat 1% settlement fee" as opposed to the 3% charged by credit card. This means cryptocurrency is [...]

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Telegram To Launch Crypto-Currency

Telegram Whats Cool: This is an existing company in the fast-growing message space that has a huge customer base--automatic potential demand for the currency The encrypted messaging startup Telegram is the latest company to announce plans to launch its own cryptocurrency and join the Blockchain and digital currency boom. As reported in Tech Crunch, Telegram plans to launch its own Blockchain platform as well as a native cryptocurrency which can be [...]

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What Is a Block on the Blockchain?

If you think of a Blockchain as a ledger that records transactions, a block is like a single page in that ledger. It is used to record any transaction made between any Bitcoin addresses, at any point on the network. Whenever a new block of transactions is created then authenticated, it is added to the Blockchain, creating an increasingly lengthy list of all the transactions that ever took place on the Bitcoin network. [...]

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What Is a Distributed Ledger?

In its simplest form, a distributed ledger is a database held and updated independently by each participant (or node) in a large network. The distribution is unique: records are “not” communicated to various nodes by a central authority, but instead are independently constructed and held by every node. That is, every single node on the network processes every transaction, coming to its own conclusions, then voting on those conclusions to make certain the [...]

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Kucoin Cool features: This is a second-generation currency exchange with a massive capacity for transactions at two million transactions per second (compare to Bitcoin at seven transactions per second), and tremendous management team. Kucoin has an edge over other exchanges: It has lower fees It redistributes profits to holders of KCS coin similar to dividend shares It pays for customer referrals, thereby increasing traffic and members, allowing the site to grow; [...]

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