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South Korea Is Loosening Up The Cryptocurrency Market

South Korea Is Loosening Up The Cryptocurrency Market South Korea is a huge center for cryptocurrency buying so the more open the marketing is the better for the long term future of the cryptocurrency sector. South Korea’s main financial authority officially cleared banks to work with crypto exchanges for the first time in history, establishing a major milestone for the local cryptocurrency sector. What to know: The cryptocurrency long term picture is getting [...]

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Yale Universities 29 Billion Dollar Endowment Fund Invests In Two Cryptocurrency Funds

Yale Universities 29 Billion Dollar Endowment Fund Invests In Two Cryptocurrency Funds Bloomberg reports that Yale University, the Ivy League school whose endowment is the second-largest in higher education, has invested in Paradigm, a cryptocurrency fund founded by Coinbase co-founder Fred Ehrsam, former Sequoia Capital partner Matt Huang, and Pantera Capital veteran Charles Noyes. Including Yale’s investment, Paradigm has raised $400 million to invest in the cryptocurrency space, making it one [...]

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24. Speed Lesson: When Second Tier Exchanges Start Having Service Disruption

In the last few weeks second-tier exchanges (smaller than Coinbase) have been having service disruptions as more and more coin buyers begin rolling into the market. As these newer people get frustrated with lower quality service, they will migrate to bigger exchanges like Coinbase, Bittrex or Kraken. These exchanges tend to push the bigger currencies (Coinbase, for example only has four major coins). This then results in more interest and buying of those [...]

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23.Speed Lesson: Expand Your Coin Buying (Initial Steps)

To buy your first crypto coins in the easiest way possible, sign up with Coinbase. Their process for signing up is very simple. Coinbase will give you access to Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Ethereum. It will give you a chance to grow accustomed to buying coins. Make sure that your bank is “crypto coin friendly”. Some people have found that Bank of America will close your account down just because you bought [...]

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22.Speed Lesson: Know The Currency By Knowing The Team

Similar to coin diversity, a well rounded team should have strong diversity. The team should consist of a group of respected engineers, designers which have experience in branding/designing for startups, marketers with a demonstrated track record of running successful campaigns, and a leadership team which has managed successful projects in the past. The best teams in the industry will have these qualities and more. Evaluating a team is one of the most difficult aspects of evaluating a coin, especially [...]

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21.Speed Lesson: The Hottest Site Regarding Cryptocurrencies

Steemit is a grassroots reporting website that is considered to be one of, if not the best source of cryptocurrency on the web. The site itself is built on a blockchain technology that generates tokens (Steem) that can be spent or traded for other cryptocurrencies. Steemit gives bloggers an opportunity to earn its cryptocurrency. Tokens are rewarded for discovering, posting or commenting on interesting content. The result is an active and engaged community that’s [...]

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20.Speed Lesson: Paying Less with Crypto

More and more people are accepting crypto in payment for products and services. If you use a popular exchange that is user-friendly, like Coinbase, you will be able to spend your currency efficiently. Because so many other people are using Coinbase, it makes the decision to accept currency in payment for their offers easier. Because of the fluctuation of pricing on major currencies, it is possible to negotiate more on the price of [...]

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19.Speed Lesson: A HUGE Advantage That You Have–Most people are unaware about cryptocurrencies, and an absolute minority use them.

If it is important to look at real world usage as a key criterium when considering investing in cryptocurrencies, then there is great news for investors: “you ain’t seen nothing yet”. According to Statista, who has dedicated a section on cryptocurrencies useful for investing, we see that the number of adults in the U.S. familiar with the most known crypto currency (Bitcoin) is only 24 percent. And, by far the most important data point on this [...]

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18.Speed Lesson: A Simple Plan for Each Transaction

For every transaction you make when buying cryptocurrency, you should have a concrete plan. Have a reason for each trade you make. Start a trade only when you know why you’re making the purchase, and when you have a clear follow-up strategy. Have a clear end target before starting a trade. Identify the target level for taking profit and more important, a stop-loss level for cutting any A stop-loss is the point you [...]

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16. Speed Lesson: Don’t over diversify

When you are building your portfolio of coins, do your research, stay committed and keep accumulating. If you have eight or more coins, you dilute your chance of success with any one coin. If one of your coins hits big and you only have 10% of your money in that coin, your big return is mitigated. I stick with four coins, and when a coin price dips, that is when I accumulate more. [...]

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